How does installation, training and support work?

Between a few days and a few weeks, depending on your setup, what training you receive, and how quickly you want to progress. Installing SmartTrade Ultimate or Essential only takes about an hour for the first PC and less for each subsequent one, and installing SmartTrade Mobile on a mobile device takes less than 10 minutes.

Configuring SmartTrade to your requirements and setting up a database of commonly used items will take another hour or two, and the initial training should be spread over 3 or 4 sessions.

When new users have SmartTrade installed, you give us remote access to your main computer and we do the rest. If SmartTrade is hosted, we handle everything.

Loading SmartTrade Mobile onto mobile devices is very simple. We can either do this remotely, or show you how to do it.

Yes, if SmartTrade connects to your accounting package. A Wizard does this in a few easy steps

If SmartTrade doesn't connect to your accounting package, but you have this data in an electronic file such as a spreadsheet or word document, then we may be able to import it into SmartTrade using database management tools.

Yes! Training is critical if you are to quickly realise the benefits of SmartTrade. We won't sell SmartTrade without a commitment to training, as our experience is that cutting corners on training often results in an unhappy customer.

We recommend that new users book 3 to 4 hours training, typically sessions of about an hour each over say a two week period. The advantages of breaking the training into hour long sessions are that the user has time to experiment and identify areas that need to be addressed, and sessions can focus on different functional areas (job management, administration etc.)

SmartTrade trains remotely via the internet, usually one-on-one. Most customers prefer this approach to on-site training, as it has many advantages:

  • It's easy to break the training into say 1 hour sessions, avoiding overload. Each session can be tailored to your current needs.
  • It's cost effective (e.g. no travel involved), allowing us to offer very competitive rates.
  • Provided you have broadband internet access, we can provide training anywhere - whether you are in a major city or out the back of beyond.
  • Sessions can be easily rescheduled, at no cost. If you have an unexpected emergency, you don't have to worry that one of our trainers is about to arrive at your office.

These sessions can be augmented by using our growing library of training videos.

We can arrange on-site training, but the cost is higher because of travel costs and time. Also, if you cancel the training session at short notice (which happens quite frequently with busy service businesses) then you will incur some costs.

Our advice is to try training via the internet first - the chances are you will like it.

Again, we can accommodate this, either on-line or on-site. If group training is done on-line then it is important that we are aware that a group is involved, so we can prepare and ensure that you have a suitable setup at your end.

SmartTrade users are entitled to unlimited free calls to our help desk during business hours.

SmartTrade's help pages enable users to deal with most issues, although many prefer to call our help desk rather than search for the answer.

If required, our support team can use an on-line meeting or access the user’s system remotely to resolve a query.

Non-urgent support requests can be sent by messaging from our website, or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We target to respond within one working day.