SmartTrade Support

Because Support is the No 1 priority for field service providers we aim to make customer support our major point of difference.

Our customers are typically on the job when they encounter a problem so they don’t want to look up a manual, or log an email or online help request and then wait for a response. When you call our support team on our toll-free phone number you get to talk to one of our support staff, if we can’t solve the problem immediately we will get back to you as soon as possible, we aren’t always perfect but we always try to go the extra yard! 

Our support team regularly receives unsolicited complements from our customers, some of these are shown below. If you call any of the customers they would be happy to give you a rundown on SmartTrade’s support service.

“I have just stopped for a few minutes to reflect on how far we have come from the early days when we didn’t have SmartTrade and I sit here smiling, remembering the patience that Kevin always had when he took my many calls when we first setup SmartTrade. I recall thinking this guy must be so sick of me but he never showed it and between the two of us we tailor-made our systems just how we wanted them to be.”
“There is absolutely no way we would be where we are today without your wonderful software!”

Jodie Baines, Ph +64 4 972 8044

“I would love the opportunity to say what a wonderful team you have there.”
“They are patient, understanding and very helpful. When my call is first answered I get a fabulous person on the other end sounding bright and happy to be taking my call. They are ever so helpful and when they are unable to be of an assistance, they do their best to get me to the right person as quickly as possible. I can be a bit demanding when I want things done and they proceed with such grace.”
“They have been wonderful beyond all measures going back years. For when I first started here and tried to get my head around SmartTrade they were very helpful, they taught me to get so more out of SmartTrade by giving me new pointers. All this with patience.”

Wendy Davids, +61 8 9314 2877

“Your support team is fantastic. Adi, Kevin, Sivadas and Sheree have all helped me so much!”

John Oldridge, Ph +64 3 547 1604

“The support guys are fabulous including Shane, the service is great!”

Mark Warburton, Ph +61 3 9939 4432

“SmartTrade is the best thing that has ever happened to us. It’s absolutely awesome, there are a few little things every now and then that crop up but nothing major. Support is awesome and it shows having someone like Kevin whose been with SmartTrade for 10 years.”

Ross Veale, Ph +61 3 5998 2829

“Love SmartTrade’s support calls.”

Kane Taylor, Ph +64 27 725 9589

“If I have a problem I just call SmartTrade. Kevin has been really helpful over the 10 years we’ve been with SmartTrade, he is a Godsend!”

VJ, Ph +64 3 385 8535