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Support - it's super critical for any job management solution!

Never underestimate the importance of software support, it’s super critical!

When our customers encounter a problem it usually happens on the job so they don’t want to look up a manual, or log an email or online help ticket and then wait for a response! Many of our competitors think they can employ email or online ticketing systems to minimise their support overhead, this simply doesn’t work for field service providers!

When you call our support team on our toll-free phone numbers you get to talk to one of our support staff, if we can’t solve the problem immediately we will strive to get back to you as soon as possible.

We believe support is a SmartTrade No 1 point of difference, we value our reputation for support excellence, we always try to go the extra yard!

While we can’t claim our support is perfect, the large number of compliments and very few complaints we receive points to a high level of customer satisfaction.

We recently received the following email from Wendy Davids at Pearmans Electrical Services in Perth.

Subject: Thank you!

Importance: High

I would love the opportunity to say what a wonderful team you have there.

They are patient, understanding and very helpful. When my call is first answered I get a fabulous person on the other end sounding bright and happy to be taking my call. They are ever so helpful and when they are unable to be of an assistance, they do their best to get me to the right person as quickly as possible. I can be a bit demanding when I want things done and they proceed with such grace.

They have been wonderful beyond all measures going back years. When I first started here and tried to get my head around SmartTrade they were very helpful , they taught me to get so more out of SmartTrade by giving me new pointers. All this with patience.

Then we have Kevin putting up with all my demands for new forms and how I want to do certain things. He keeps coming back telling me it can be done, easy as that. There were times I did get “no it can't be done”, but we overcame those hiccups and went about it a different way. And I would like to finish with some little facts:

  • Phar Lap may have been born in New Zealand but he had to come to Australia to be great. Like so many others, that there are too many to mention them all.
  • The Pavlova is Australian, but I'll let you have it as your own as long as you acknowledge that we make it better.

I look forward to continuing our wonderful relationship.

Kind Regards

Wendy Davids

Pearmans Electrical Services, Perth WA

Many thanks to Wendy for the glowing complement, also for giving us permission to publish it in this newsletter and on our website.

We’re always striving to improve our support service so if you have some thoughts about it, good or bad, we’d love to hear from you.