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Some great Feedback just come in from one of our valued clients Kylie of Coral Coast Plumbing:

I spoke to you in regards to feedback for integrating Smart trade mobile into our plumbing business.

Well we are now 4 weeks along from our original trial and have all of our plumber’s using the system.

We have found implementing the mobile version to our office has created time across our entire staff’s workload, especially the administration side.

Our invoicing process is savings us at least 3-4 hour’s every week as all of our job sheets are pre-entered onsite, which makes Invoicing a breeze rather than a mammoth task each week.

The best part is our Plumbers are happy with the system and are no longer having to complete entries twice on their timesheets and manually on their job sheets, bonus!

All round implementing from the administration side to the outside staff has taken us a little over 2 weeks and we are experiencing our first week paperless.

I would like to say thanks to Smart trade for helping us through this stage as we have had a lot of phone call’s to the support team ironing out all of the little things we are not sure about.

Considering we were so nervous about shifting so many staff from a paper system we feel that overall it has worked out really well and would happily recommend Smart trade!

Kind Regards

Coral Coast Plumbing

Some excellent feedback there from Kylie, if your business is interested in SmartTrade Mobile please give us a call on the number above or send us an email at [email protected] and we can discuss a solution to propel your business.


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Here is some feedback from Lee at Rhino Security who is using the new SmartTime application.

Why did you initially choose SmartTime?
It was bloody cheap, it used existing technology (smart phones) it was simple for tech to use and understand. We could trial it with no disruption to on-going processes.

Q2. What was it like before you used SmartTime, how did you get your timesheets etc done?
We used to get technicians into the office on Wednesday morning to hand in hand written jobs sheets and hand written timesheets, we then manually transferred the hours to large project jobs sheets and tried to decipher technicians hand writing. The process took admin staff the entire day, we now have it done by 9.30am. I can’t believe we used to work with such outdated systems, the change was dramatic and instant. We used to have 30-45 minutes down time per tech each Wednesday filling out bits of paper ( and trying to find the ones they lost ) Now time spent returning job information is billed to clients.

Q3. What was it like working with SmartTrade to implement SmartTime, the installation and training for example?
There were some initial teething problems, but the support was top rate. In total there was about 30 minutes training, no more was needed. The manual was short and concise, in most cases not even needed.

Q4. Is SmartTime easy to use? What do you like most about working with SmartTime?
Yes it very easy to use, most of the techs did not even need to read the manual. What do I like about using smart time, it is pretty much idiot proof.

Q5. What three biggest benefits do you and your business get from using SmartTime and would you recommend it?

icon Job information is loaded into the system as soon as a job is completed, allowing the invoice to be generated and sent same day, this improves cash flow

icon Time sheets are filled out by techs as they go from job to job, no more problems with techs trying to recall what they did a few days ago because they lost some paper work

icon Filing in the office has dropped 95%

Some excellent feedback there from Lee, if your business is interested in SmartTime please give us a call on the number above or send us an email at [email protected] and we can discuss a solution to propel your business.